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Green CA, Vaughn CJ, Wyles SM, O'Sullivan PS, Kim EH, Chern H
Evaluation of a Surgery-Based Adjunct Course for Senior Medical Students Entering Surgical Residencies.
Journal of surgical education, 2016 Jul-Aug;73(4):631-8.
Huang E, Wyles SM, Chern H, Kim E, O'Sullivan P
From novice to master surgeon: improving feedback with a descriptive approach to intraoperative assessment.
American journal of surgery, Jul-2016;212(1):180-7.
Vaughn CJ, Kim E, O'Sullivan P, Huang E, Lin MY, Wyles S, Palmer BJ, Pierce JL, Chern H
Peer video review and feedback improve performance in basic surgical skills.
American journal of surgery, Feb-2016;211(2):355-60.
Huang E, Vaughn CJ, Chern H, O'Sullivan P, Kim E
An objective assessment tool for basic surgical knot-tying skills.
Journal of surgical education, 2015 Jul-Aug;72(4):572-6.
Huang E, Chern H, O'Sullivan P, Cook B, McDonald E, Palmer B, Liu T, Kim E
A better way to teach knot tying: a randomized controlled trial comparing the kinesthetic and traditional methods.
American journal of surgery, Oct-2014;208(4):690-4.
Beard JH, O'sullivan P, Palmer BJ, Qiu M, Kim EH
Peer assisted learning in surgical skills laboratory training: a pilot study.
Medical teacher, 2012;34(11):957-9.
Kobayashi SA, Jamshidi R, O'Sullivan P, Palmer B, Hirose S, Stewart L, Kim EH
Bringing the skills laboratory home: an affordable webcam-based personal trainer for developing laparoscopic skills.
Journal of surgical education, 2011 Mar-Apr;68(2):105-9.