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Curriculum Highlights

Basic Surgical Skills (R1)

Kinesthetic knot tying and suturing : This is developed to teach basic knot tying and suturing with specific focus on the kinesthetic.  Rather than focusing on the formation of knots and stitches, we highlight the setup and hand motions that allow successful completion of knot tying and suturing.

How To Teach Knot Tying: A Kinesthetic Approach (MedEdPortal)
Edward Hyung Kim, MD, Hueylan Chern, MD, Emily Huang, Barnard Palmer, MD

Home Video Curriculum (R1)

This is developed to encourage deliberate practice and self directed learning.  It includes narrated instructional videos and a validated assessment tool.  Additional variation of basic knot tying and suturing exercises are developed to simulate challenging conditions for the novices in the OR.

Home Video Curriculum for Basic Surgical Skills  (MedEdPortal)
Hueylan Chern, Leslie Sheu, Patricia O'Sullivan, Edward Kim

Basics Skills (12 Videos)

PIGS (Porcine Integrated General Surgery Simulation) Curriculum (R1)

Using animal tissue models, we recreate operating room experience in the skills lab. The curriculum allows us a platform to discuss and practice basic operative techniques and principles for common general surgery procedures.    

PIGS (Porcine Integrated General Surgery Simulation) Curriculum
Hueylan Chern, MD, Edward Kim, MD, Patricia O'Sullivan, EdD          

Melanoma Wide Local Incision (Slides/PDF)

Ventral Hernia Repair (Slides/PDF)

Inguinal Hernia Repair (Slides/PDF)

Saphenous Vein Harvest (Slides/PDF)
Vessel Dissection and Ligation (Slides/PDF)

Small Bowel Resection (Slides/PDF)

Stoma Creation (Slides/PDF)


Laparoscopic (R2)

  • FLS sessions
  • Tissue models
    • Lap chole, lap Nissen
  • Enodstitch

Vascular (R2)

Lung Dissection Model For Vascular Evaluation

GI (R2)

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